We're Co-Local.™ We're here to help.

When a place loses its uniqueness, when it becomes just another collection of chain restaurants and big-box retailers, more is lost than people tend to realize until it's too late. Communities are local, and they need local solutions.

Co-Local is focused on making an impact instead of a fortune. We're wholly owned by a cooperative that is also a Certified B Corporation®, and our goal of building strong communities by helping local businesses thrive is written into our founding documents. We do this through solutions that foster cooperation.

Cooperation works. It has worked for nearly two centuries and is responsible for some of the most incredible accomplishments of modern history. We offer two innovative programs that are designed to help communities help themselves.


Cooperative Advertising gives the owners of local stores a dynamic way to reach people already choosing to support their communities instead of buying from national chains and online vendors.


Social Sponsorship helps companies that are about more than maximizing profit tell their stories, reaching each other as well as more than 700,000 highly educated listeners who reside in some of the wealthiest, most diverse neighborhoods in the United States.

"Communities that are anchored in their own uniqueness are much more effective at creating a branded identity for themselves, capable of attracting and sustaining a healthy economy and distinct business sector."

Carol Sanford,
The Responsible Business