Looking for a fundraising opportunity?

Co-Local is about helping communities thrive. We understand and respect the vital roles played in communities by nonprofit organizations, from charities to youth programs, and we can help.

Whenever someone buys a Co-Local membership, that person has an opportunity to designate any participating nonprofit in our list to receive a portion of the revenue. We currently donate $10 from every $30 membership.

There is no cost to participate, and nonprofits are under no obligation to do anything to promote our program. Of course, we do hope that your supporters will feel comfortable telling their families and friends about what we're doing for local businesses and communities. We also suspect that more people will choose your nonprofit when they are signing up if they heard about Co-Local from you.

What We Need to Sign You Up

  • A copy of your determination letter from the IRS indicating that your organization is eligible to receive tax-deductible donations.
  • A statement on letterhead indicating how you would like to receive any funds that are selected to go to your organization, signed by an officer of the organization. You can provide an address for physical checks or an email address for transfer via PayPal®.

Email these documents to manager@co-local.coop and after we've reviewed them, we'll add you to the list of participating nonprofits and let you know that you've been accepted.  It's that easy!

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